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Specialty Pricing

Students & Seniors | Assisted Living | Residential Facilities | Fundraisers & Non-Profits



Canvas Paint Parties


5-10 people - $35 pp
11-19 people - $30 pp
20+ people - $25 pp
New! Wood Paint Parties


5-10 people - $50 pp
11-19 people - $45 pp
20+ people - $40 pp
New Glass Paint Parties


5-10 people - $35 pp
11-19 people - $30 pp
20+ people - $25 pp

*HOST IS FREE when you host a party!
** Tent, tables, and chairs are all available to rent from us directly to make party set up a breeze!


What is a Paint Party?

Paint Parties are the latest unique trend sweeping the nation. People get together at a public venue (restaurant or bar usually) or host a private party in the convenience of their own home. The party entails painting a picture you choose from our extensive library on a 16×20 canvas in approximately 2.5 hours. For no extra cost, you may also have a custom painting made for your group. Typically, wine and light fare are apart of the night, as well as mingling with guests. We usually paint to music and take a brief break in the middle our painting process. Overall it’s a fun night of creativity, convo & cocktails!…. or cake if it’s a kid party 🙂 Best of all, no experience is needed! The painting process is broken down by a patient professional instructor that will guide you with ease step-by-step through the painting. Individual attention will be given to those that want it during the party. The instructor does not judge or critique your painting or ability at all. There are no rules, or mistakes, in art-making…that’s the beauty of art! As Bob Ross says, “There are only happy accidents!” Optional touch-up to your painting by the instructor is included and available towards he end of the party. Satisfaction with your painting is guaranteed!

What is included in the price?

All materials, supplies and instruction are provided by Hartford Paint Parties. Materials include the paint, canvas, easel, brushes, palette, water cup, apron, paper towels, and anything else that may be needed for the artistic process, We also supply plastic table cloths. Drop cloth is optional and available if requested ahead of time.If it’s a public event at a restaurant/bar venue, all you need to do is sign-up and show up –> expect a cash bar (often happy hour or discounted menus are available as a special accommodation for our parties). If it’s a private party you will be responsible for the guest list, providing the space and accommodations (tables, tents, chairs-which are available in limited quantities upon request if needed for no extra cost) Private parties are BYOB. Food is also the responsibility of the host, but catering options for large parties may be available through Hartford Paint Parties for an extra fee, please inquire.

How much is a Paint Party?

Admission price to a Paint Party varies based on type of event, type of organization, and number of people. Public events are typically $30 before any discount is applied. Private party prices are scaled according to the number of guests; 5-12 guests is $30 per person, under 5 guests is $35 per person, one-on-one painting is $40. Over 12 guests is only $25 per person, over 30 guests will be given a special low rate, please inquire. Kid parties are $12 per kid and there is $100 instructor fee. Special price packages are available for Assisted Living & residential facilities, Students/Seniors, Non-profit organizations, and fundraisers-please inquire for a quote.

Why should I choose Connecticut Paint Parties vs. other “Paint & Sip” or “Paint Night” companies?

First of all, Connecticut Paint Parties is considerably less expensive then the competing companies. While drinking is permitted for those over 21, it is not our focus. So it you don’t drink, no problem. Tapping into our creativity and having a good time with friends is our focus.. Connecticut Paint Parties is currently run by one professional full-time artist, Pamela Jordan and her part-time assistants, that currently do not teach. With having only one instructor, you always know what you’re going to get with Hartford Paint Parties. Pam is a kind, patient, and very helpful instructor. People often say besides her talent, it is her personality and enthusiasm that she brings to each party that really make the difference. She will engage you and get you excited no matter what age or experience level you are at. She truly believes we all have that child artist within us, but fear over time has gotten in the way of our creativity and letting ourselves freely express ourselves. She will teach you how to tap into that inner child artist and overcome your fears, in addition to painting a pretty picture. She is also one of the only instructors that offers to touch-up your painting if you are not satisfied at no extra cost. After all, satisfaction with your painting is guaranteed!

Why should I try a Paint Party?

In general, you should host or attend a Paint Party because being creative is fun and never gets old! Paint parties are such a unique experience. In an age of social anxiety, Paint Parties allows people to do an actual activity and relieves the pressure of making awkward small talk. Paint Parties gives people something positive to talk about-whether you talk about the painting choice, your past experience at paint parties, or the beauty of art itself. When else do you get to do that?? It is also exciting to see how much you can improve by attending multiple parties. Don’t ever be afraid to come alone to a party, you will definitely meet fun, nice, like-minded people! Painting is powerfully therapeutic and a healthy remedy for stress. Science proves looking at different colors alone is beneficial and releases neurotransmitters, not to mention the process of putting paint on a canvas releases endorphins. We often abandon art and creativity after we leave school and grow up, but it’s important to be creative regularly for the mind, body and soul. Just like one physically exercises to be healthy and get stronger over time, one that exercises their creativity and imagination will improve their wellbeing and artist ability overtime as well. While we might be painting the same picture all together as a group, the instructor, Pam, encourages you to take creative license if you want…letting you choose different colors from the sample painting and adding your own twist to it. Pam, will also offer modifications to the painting for those that want more of a challenge.

How far in advance do I need to book a private party?

Ideally, at least a month in advance is preferred to book a private party. However, as long as the day and time is available Pam will book up until two weeks before. Painting choices for your party from our library need to picked out two weeks in advance. If you want a custom painting made for your party group you must let us know at least a month ahead of time. Typically, a non-refundable down payment will be required for private parties in advance.

What are Public Paint Party Regulations and Cancellations?

Signing-up and paying ahead of time our on website is greatly preferred for our public parties. Parties with low enrollment will be cancelled 24 hours in advance. We will contact you if so, and give you a full refund. Public parties will only be held with a minimum attendance of 4 people. You can technically show-up to a party without registering or paying ahead of time (not preferred) but will only be allowed to paint if there is room. If you cancel your admission to a public party, you will be offered a credit towards another Paint party or artistic service by Pam.

What are the steps to host a Paint Party?

  • Pick an available date & time
  • Pick out a painting from our library
  • Invite your family, friends, & coworkers
  • & Have a party! Easy, Peasy

Aprons provided, but dress for a mess! Yoga pants & pajama pants are completely acceptable attire for private parties.

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  • "I've been to a lot of Paint Parties but I have never been so satisfied with the outcome of my painting.  Our instructor was above and beyond, kind and patient.. She moved us along with ease and really simplified the steps."
    Paint Party Guest
  • "Our Ladies Night was so much fun! Our instructor showed up early to set-up and stayed late cleaning-up so my guests could enjoy themselves.  Exceptional customer service-Hartford Paint Parties really catered to our needs."
    Paint Party Guest